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Creators of the RHYMEBOOK songwriting notebook

RHYMEBOOK (aka RHYME BOOK) is a powerful, easy to use, & FREE rhyming & songwriting notepad for Rappers, Poets, Musicians, Artists, Songwriters, & all Creative Writers.

RHYMEBOOK app is a real-time rhyme suggestion engine for songwriting, poetry, & more.

RHYMEBOOK app has a rhyming dictionary built into it.

It all started when we created the RHYMEBOOK songwriting notebook as a creative companion. We created the perfect notebook for writing rhymes, RHYMEBOOK, which you can purchase at on the DailyRapFacts Store, Amazon, Homing & more. But we weren’t done there, in our evolving world of technology, we wanted to bring RHYMEBOOK to your pocket, something on the go, we wanted RHYMEBOOK on something you cary with you everywhere everyday… which brought us to this RHYMEBOOK app.

RHYMEBOOK is a real time rhyme suggestion engine for songwriting, poetry, & more. The RHYMEBOOK keyboard suggests you unlimited rhymes as you type. Type a word to find rhymes for it.

Our mission is to make songwriting fun & accessible to everyone. We want to help rappers, artists, songwriters, poets, etc to unlock their full potential. For that reason we made RHYMEBOOK FREE (no credit card required!) with the option to upgrade to our premium subscription plan.

Inspiration can strike anytime, anywhere… be ready for it with the RHYMEBOOK App. Download RHYMEBOOK on your iPhone, Android, or iPad and see how much easier it is to write & express yourself! Your work goes where you go.